Friday, 8 June 2012

Evolution of an Avatar.

Early Torro

Recent Torro

New Torro

Future Torro!?

As the song says... 'don't go changing'.
Its always a tough move - to edge on the avatar you've grown into.
But in the clubs you see guys becoming more and more finely detailed with bulging veins, and hyper realistic skins. So in my own small way I like to incrementally move on when I see the chance of small improvements. So here goes with 'new' Torro. I hope you recognise me when you pass me in the street - somehow, I think you will - the word 'Torro' drifting a few inches above my head helps.


  1. Well Torro, with a good bone-structure like yours you can never go wrong! I think they look great all four, with a slight edge to "New Torro" ;)

  2. Thanks Bock, I'm glad you approve of the incremental improvement.... talking bone structure, you're pretty well structured yourself ;-)

  3. Signature, yes? I saw you shopping there. Just in time too - all those skins are gone now, replaced by DNA. Looks like Signature got bought out or something. Too bad.

  4. Hey Miro! Sorry, I missed you there (I must have been concentrating on my purchases. It's a real shame if Signature has gone - they've been keeping me looking reasonably presentable for a couple of years now! Hope to see yo soon. Torro