Friday, 1 June 2012


Ah, this sceptred isle.
Some countries do presidents well, some do dictators just fine, the British - well, we do queens.
Like all these things (and Madonna will tell you...), it's all about being popular and looking good when you're young, and then having the staying power for the long haul. If you can get through late middle age without a revolution, you're home and dry.
For me, the 'republic versus monarchy' argument is one of those time honoured conundrums. It's like science or spirituality? I guess you need a bit of both - as long as the crazy part is kept in its place.
As an angry young man - no question... no place for hierarchical, deferential structures in a modern society. As an older guy, well, I'm no advocate of hierarchy but growing up with our very own lottery winners, the Windsors is a bit like having a surrogate family 'in residence' - a sort of counterpoint to your own family - it makes you feel like your own life isn't so bad after all.
Grandma (Gawd bless her!) Grandad (always says exactly the wrong thing - but it's the thing you would love to say yourself!), the kids (loser straight boys, plucky girl), the grand children (hot-ish and hot).
I'm no one to rain on anyones parade (or rein on it!), but after sixty tough old years, who could not wish her well? Prime ministers came and went, we voted, and they did their best I guess. They were mostly all still a bit crap. Blair, who we thought was our sort of guy, he lied, and happily sent our boys off to war. Globalisation - great idea - bankrupted us all - thanks guys - that voting stuff works really well!
So what system isn't tragically flawed? If you have the answer hold your hand up now please!
Happy Jubilee Elizabeth II - you done us proud all these years (probably by wisely doing very little), and that' can't be easy!

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