Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Oiswiss Handing On The Gay Fun World Baton To Avacar..

Oiswiss at last nights party.
Avacar  at last night's party
The end of an era, and a new beginning , as Oiswiss hands over the reins of power at Gay Fun World to Avacar.
All this happened very fast - not only for us, but I'm sure, for Oiswiss and Avacar too.
Oiswiss worked tirelessly to build a great brand and massive footfall at Gay Fun World with a dedicated team delivering the 'Famous Five' club nights week by week, month by month - including The Bullring's Beerbust and Man Country parties.
Oiswiss can be proud of both his achievement at GFW and his pioneering commercial spirit. Not only that, Oiswiss deserves a big old hug simply for being such a big, sexy, friendly guy.
With all that history behind the sim, Avacar steps into a big and dynamic space - I'm sure he'll have lots to work out, amend, adjust, and will need to bring his own flavour, thoughts and ambitions into the place. It's a brave step for Avacar to take, and with his skill and knowledge of the sim he should be in a good place to build on the successes.
As someone who's been attached to GFW, I'd like to wish Oiswiss, Avacar, and Gay Fun World every success in the future. Keep that big, gay, fun, world turning.

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