Saturday, 7 July 2012

So Long Second Pride 2012.

So there we go. Our big, virtual, gay festival has hit the streets and rattled our cages for another year. Fun, freedom and fundraising in equal measures. I have to thank and admire the people who organised it... and pulled the whole thing together. It's a massive achievement and a noble cause - if only in bringing people together whose paths don't normally cross. Only around 350 days to go before we do it all again I guess ?!?!


  1. Uhm, what cause would that be?

  2. Haha! The cause of self perpetuating annual events Miro.
    Well I got to admit that I did sneak back to the Second Pride website to try to find out where my donations might be heading but information was thin on the ground - 'in-world causes' I think they suggested.
    I have to admit - I would have thought that fundraising would have been the whole point - and good causes out in the world where they are needed would have been the destination of the funds raised.

    Maybe there is some review of the nobility of the cause needed?