Friday, 27 July 2012

The Olympic Ring - The Bullring.

Please don't ask how I managed to fit gymnastics into my daily schedule - but I've always been one to rise to a challenge!
So here we are - the 2012 Olympics bringing together the worlds finest athletes for a month of muscular magic. Here's wishing everyone a great time, and every success. I'll see you at the wrestling... the gymnastics... the running (that's all running)... the swimming and diving...  yep lot's to look forward to.
Here's hoping for a great, record breaking event.

Please note: no sponsors were harmed in the use of the Olympic rings on this blog, no unauthorised money was made from them, and no disrespect intended.
Let's face it though, the whole thing was started by a bunch of sexy naked fellas in the first place - I'm not quite sure how a secretive Swiss organisation was permitted to take ownership of, and capitalise on, an ancient same sex party!
I know nothing (obviously), but talking of brand protection, I would have thought that the Olympic Games really belongs to Greece - so  I say, pay them back all those unpaid, retrospective royalties from the past century of piracy now!! A massive cash injection from Switzerland to Greece might do the world a power of good. (Ooops - so much for staying out of trouble!).

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