Friday, 31 August 2012

Lethal Weapon.

Warrior - by Bodylounger
Another sexy fella from Bodylounger.

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Pecs Sex.

Now a couple of days into my new (much) improved muscle mass, I'm starting to appreciate the hard work and genius that went into it. No mean feat. Now I just need to find one or two things in the wardrobe that might fit! Nipple rings are a great start - but winter's coming!


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Friday, 24 August 2012

Alleluia - I Got Legs!

Yes I know - idiot!! But I thought I'd edited my leg shape already.... no worries, its all fine now. But....
is my head too small?!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

That's Another Fine Mesh You Gotten Me Into...

It's tough keeping up with the Jones'. I'm not even sure that I can! I'm normally a sort of slob fella who slips on the first clean jockstrap I lay my hands on before leaving the house... nice and easy. And just as I get a neat wardrobe together, a skin that fits, and all that goes with it - the world moves on a quantum leap - next the'll invent digital music!
Having said that, I'd had my eye on those hunky new mesh avatars over at Miro's Animations Rising store for a while, so not wanting to be left in the dark ages I thought I better take a quantum leap myself and invest in my inner hotness (for the greater good of the community - of course).
It's not exactly easy... but then not impossible either. As you can see I'm still work in progress.... attempting to keep something of my old shape, and my face, but mixing it in with the new beefy 3D me. Balancing skin textures and body shapes is the tricky thing - as you can see from the images above my inner thighs are still a little bit patchy despite my best efforts to blend skin colours. I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to go out in public like this just yet, but I'm getting close, and sadly, my old self looks (dare I say it?) a little bit puny in comparison. So a big thanks and wet kiss to Miro and the boys at L'Uomo for all their hard work in taking us to places I'm guessing, we really wanted to go. Any tips on how to shrink my inner thighs much appreciated!


The Legendary DJ Hotboy Lockjaw.
Also buffed up with 3D hotness was the legendary, the one and only... DJ Hotboy Lockjaw.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I Couldn't Help Noticing...

Superstud Stan Cox
I couldn't help noticing that Mr Cox was looking particularly buff last night at the BullCox party. Might be that he's head to toe in his home grown, hand made threads, or it could be a particularly striking crop of hair (it sure grows fast in SL! )
Either way there is no more perfect advertisement for the horniest gay merchandise in town.
I might need some styling tips Stan.

BullCox - Report To The Floor.





MJ Burner


Stan Cox

The hot 'n horny at the BullCox party last night.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nice Work If You can Get It.

Sexy Jeff Ellsworth cooling off at the Car Wash.
The perfect job for midsummer. Check out Bullring regular - Jeff Ellsworth cooling off at the carwash in his pin-up-perfect 'Car Wash' series of SL shots. Grrrrrr.

Cool off at the car wash here! Jeff Ellsworth Blogspot.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bullring Bullstuds - Varth

It's not the first time I've featured Varth Drakulon here but I figured his new jolly green look was well worth sharing. I'm even envious!

Dirty Business.

It's dirty work, but someone's got to do it - and nobody better than my old friend Ayalev. Back when I first landed in Second Life Avalev was creator in chief at The Pig Pen (in its original format), and was often seen working like crazy to make the place unique, with a specialist take on dirty gay stuff.
Now he's back, recreating his Dirty Spire Shop with all his toys and poses that many of us know and love. For a walk on the wilder side...

Ayalev's Dirty Spire Shop, Xondar, (187, 32, 60)

Real Life N' Hot.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Real Life N' Hot.

With thanks to Porncake

Torro Recommends...

If it's August there's a fair chance you're heading off on vacation, and if you are looking for some escapist reading you might want to give Madeline Miller's 'The Song Of Achilles' a try.
Me - I'm always a sucker for a swords and sandals epic, and Madeline Miller paints a rich and dynamic picture of ancient times where mortals, heroes, gods, and centaurs roamed the earth together (much like Second Life - but with a plot).
Not only that, Homer's classic story of the Iliad focusses on Achilles, and is told here from the viewpoint of his lover Patroclus, weaving it's path from boyhood, through the intrigue of the Kings and Princes of Greece, right upto the gate's of Troy, and their final confrontation with Hector, Paris and the gang. If you liked Spartacus, Game of Thrones, or for that matter anything involving well built young men, in ancient Greek military uniform... there's a good chance you'll enjoy this. You'll also discover how those very familiar names from the classics fit together in a well researched and beautifully told story.
Now where did I put those sandals?!

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, published by Bloomsbury.

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BullCox: Report To The Floor - Part 2.




Hugo Rossini

Hugo Rossini



Kaine Miles

Leatherboss Master

Leatherboss Master