Friday, 26 October 2012

Bayn's World.

With thanks to Bayn's - and supermodel - Joseph

Ok - forgive the slight plagiarism here (let's just call it inspiration) - but the hyper sexy shot of Mr Joseph Sexius-Nussbaum, modelling for Bayn's, drove me slightly wild. I headed straight to the store - yup, I'm a sucker for a hot guy in a horny ad, I fall for it every time - then who wouldn't - just look at that ass!


  1. Wooooohoooooo :) thanks a lot for this great post in your blog Torro :) if you want to model for me anytime just tell me what you want from the store :) lickssssss <3

  2. Thanks, Torro, for your great comments! I worked on that ass just for this ad ;-)

  3. You look beautiful, Torro buddy! ;)