Thursday, 11 October 2012

Colour Me Homo.

with thanks to Princes of Alhambra Blogspot
with thanks to Princes of Alhambra blogspot

with thanks to The princes of Alhambra blogspot

Check out the painterly postcards from homoland by the amazing Maurice Pegasi. The Princes of Alhambra blogspot just gets better all the time.


  1. every day i thank god i'm gay!

  2. if i wasn't such a self-centered faggot, i would have said how much i love this blog, but my dick was so hard there was no blood left for my brain and i was remiss ( see, i told you i was a faggot-"remiss" says it all ).

  3. Hey Samislut, good to hear from you.
    Here's hoping you got enough blood to go round to keep that dick throbbing and your brain gay as fuck! Woof!