Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Living Doll.

He's a man of distinction. The distinctive silhouette, the alpha male jaw line, and his groundbreaking  scalp tattoo - not to mention that 'bury-my-face-in-it' muscle butt - yes it's the photogenic Francois Sagat - sexy beyond our wildest dreams. My previous post (where Francois appears prominently in Ross Watson's paintings) illustrates just how successfully he is transitioning far beyond the usual confines of the gay porn star and becoming the poster boy for bigger world where edgy fetish,meets fashion, meets art. And yes - naturally he's available as a 7"plastic doll, a fuckable latex ass, and I'm guessing there's got to be a Sagat modelled dildo somewhere out there (now there's range planning for you!)
Learn more at Francoissagat.com


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