Monday, 8 October 2012

The State Of The Bullring Nation.

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So how are things going at stud central - The Bullring? Well, pretty good all things considered.
The blog hit over ten thousand views for the month of September - not bad going - so a big thank you to all who tune in regularly and take the time to follow. Talking of 'following', we now have over 100 registered followers here, so another graph on an upward trend.
Back over at the club itself the membership is on a steady-as-you-go upward trajectory just pushing the one thousand, one hundred member mark! So thank you men for sticking with us and helping to build the whole big sweaty mound of man-flesh that is The Bullring.
Thanks too to our friends and allies Stan Cox, DJ Hotboy, Hubs Howlett, Oiswiss, Floyd Arun, and all who work hard to add to the fun. A big Bullring hug to all you horny Bullstuds out there.

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