Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Close Shave.

It's all over - Phew! Praise the Lord!
I know there are many many millions of good Republicans out there, but some of those guys, it just has to be said, are just plain scary.
There's a great American tradition of no-holds-barred debate, which us namby-pamby Europeans might not quite get, but some very ugly things came out of the woodwork during this seemingly endless campaign, and some very very dumb things said.
If I were an American of either persuasion (but especially if I were Republican leaning) I would hope that some in depth reflection takes place before this presidency ends in four years time.
It looks to me like some serious reconciliation needs to happen.
President Obama drew out the worst in his opponents - not by design, but just because the ugly underbelly of middle, white, straight, America has shown it's cards. Obama's intelligence, and humanity is, I guess, what they disliked. Intelligence is something that the creationists, the science haters, the climate change deniers, the queer bashers, the racists just can't fathom. If Republicans want to win in the USA ever again they've got to work out an intelligent argument for a change. I'm sure they can - unless evolution has just played it's latest hand and we are witnessing the beginning of a major new extinction.

...and shame on you Donald Trump (may your devil hair finally give up the ghost).

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