Friday, 9 November 2012

In The Hood.

If you like playing with your cock as much as I do, I think you might like the new 'Magnus' cock from Aeros - its got all the features of the updated 'Nemo' but with added foreskin! Not only that, but you can peel the skin right back and show of that beautiful shining head.
It's also got a great snaky shape. In fact it's almost more versatile than the one you got tucked in your Calvin's!
If you want to check it out and take a good long hard look , give me a shout - I'll show you mine!
Ha, you knew that anyway ;-)
I should have taken out shares in Aeros - darn it!

PS. Thanks to Bodie Bigboots for tipping me off (no pun intended!).


  1. Yep Bock, it's certainly got the kind of realism that many others don't - if only they could add a 'taste it', 'sniff it' option!

  2. yes, roses are nice, kittens are cute, girls are sweet---but COCKS rule. YUM. WOOF.