Friday, 7 December 2012

Fade To Brilliant.

Ok , I admit, I always like a multi-tasking, multi-talented man, but Hotboy Lockjaw might just have surpassed himself with the launch of his brand new, mesh-friendly 'Fade to Black' leather suit.
It's part of his Hot Line collection (to be found over at the Trailer Park at Submission).
His attention to detail - not least in the quality of leather texture and placement of stitching is second to none. It took me a little while to link and position the jacket belt but well worth a couple of minutes effort. Head out to the Trailer Park and take a look at Hotboy's goods. A whole range of boots, harness, and for those who like to swish more than a leather crop in the dungeon (or disco) a fine mane of feathers to add to your outfit. A triumph.

Shot on location at Cape Horn.

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