Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Living In A Gruesome Light.

Because it's good to share...

On top of my ongoing battle to get into SL (and thanks guys for the tips and guidance), over the past few days I've noticed a strange and unpleasant light emitting from what seems to be, the land at Cape Horn.
Under the boardwalk there lurks yet another ghost in the SL machine.
A very hard light is wrecking the whole experience and the visual balance in the place, and I've been googling like hell to try to resolve the problem.
Either its a glitch in the programme, or maybe I clicked something accidentally or, a more sinister thought - it could be a griefing thing (though all objects on the land seem to be owned by me).
So apologies to visitors at the moment - I'll keep working to resolve the problem if I can. If not, I might just finally light a torch under the place! I'll keep you posted.

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