Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Big Red Flag Flying Christmas.

The Defence of Sevastopol by Alexandr Deineka (1942)

Lets keep the red flag flying here.
Ahhh, back in the USSR. Those were the days, when men were men, and the lady shot-putters were nearly men too, those Soviets loved to celebrate their workers, their soldiers, sailors, and airmen. They loved a farm worker, a struggle, a gymnast - just like you, me and Liza Minnelli. Even better, they created amazing paintings to illustrate the virility of their cause. I'm not exactly sure of the sexual orientation of some of their great artists, but there's no denying they presented their muscular manhood with great skill and pride - in the way that in these capitalist days it's left to us gay guys to do.
If you get a chance, look out for a new coffee table book I discovered today - 'Socialist Realisms, Soviet Painting 1920-1970'. Every image is a stunner - even a right leaning gay boy should like this one for Christmas. 

Socialist Realisms - Soviet Painting 1920-1970
Exhibition , Rome, Palazzo del Esposizioni (Oct 2011 - Jan 2012)

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