Tuesday, 19 March 2013


The City of Coventry at Cape Horn

Ok - I know we tend to concentrate on the sexual side of a guys life in SL - but for the trainspotters among us ( a manly pastime for guys who need to get away from the wife!), I thought I should share my recent discovery of the Steam Locomotive Preservation Museum. Admittedly the locomotives are predominantly British but anyone who loves the idea of riding big throbbing tubes of hot steel, might like to get their hands on a life size model of anything from Stevenson's 'Rocket', maybe the 'Flying Scotsman' (above), or my personal favourite 'The City of Coventry' (top). You can check it all out in Second Life at the link below.
There you go - I  just outed myself as a trainspotter!


If all else fails - Cape Horn will make a great engine shed.

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