Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Child Catcher.

It's really not a role I'd ever have chosen for myself, and I am the last person to rain on anyone's parade but...
I do get a little bit freaked out when I occasionally see prepubescent avatars wandering around The Bullring.
The club - and the sims - are strictly for adults only, and in my book that means you not only need to be an adult in real life, but you must also appear as an adult in Second Life. I believe this is how the other club members and users understand it to be too.
I dont know if its my age or what, but it becomes increasingly difficult to judge avatar ages. My rule of thumb is, (as Dame Edna Everage once said...) you need to 'have hair you can sit on' to get into the place - and possibly a little bit of stubble too!
I've now got tired of challenging people only to be told that I'm mistaken... In the past I've politely asked that offending people leave and come back looking at least 18 years old. I'm now just going to eject first, and ask questions later - life is just too short.
If you see anyone who you notice breaching the 'no child avatar' rule please pass on their name to me and I'll deny access to them. Its a real pain to have to act the policeman, so if you really feel you have to appear as a child in Second Life, please find a different play pen, The Bullring is not for you.
Thanks, Torro.

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