Sunday, 14 July 2013

Land of the free - and the dead.

I'm obviously in that campaigning sort of mood - it must be the hot weather that raises the blood temperature - or maybe the whiff of injustice?
 I'm not sure quite what went on between Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman, maybe there was an argument, even a scuffle. Maybe Treyvon wasn't the nice kid he looks?
But, just how does a guy get to shoot an unarmed young man dead on his way home from the shops, and not have to answer for it? Surely anyone walking the streets with a lethal weapon, which is used with lethal results has to be held to account for it? If nothing else, this illustrates that the gun lobby, and the proliferation of fire arms, results in a lax attitude to their use. Surely with the right to bear arms there comes heavy responsibility that you use them with moderation?
As I always say, its not for me to lecture other countries... so I'll let an American do it....

Read Paul Rodriguez post on his excellent From Top2Bottom blog below.

From Top 2 Bottom.

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