Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cuckoo in the desert.

In a move that makes Saddam Hussein's brief period in power over Kuwait, now look like a time of great enlightenment, a Kuwaiti health official is working on a gay 'test' to check out the sexual orientation of people entering the country - with the intention of banning gay people and sending them home (now that's what I call a great 'welcome'. I'm surprised it wasn't thought up by a tourist board 'official'?!?).
The ban is not restricted to that blessed oil pump known as Kuwait, but also a whole line up of states in the Gulf. Phew - I thought I might actually be forced to go there some day, ( maybe after all the nice habitable parts of the planet run out).
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, the list reads like a rogues gallery of the rich, the fat and the ugly (ok I take that back - the young guys are cute!). But sadly, it looks like Sir Elton John and George Michael might not be singing at the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup after all.
Personally I can't wait for the test. I see it involving a yellow brick road and a set of ruby slippers - and if you so much as think of skipping.... you are straight back on the plane! Simple.
But don't these 'officials' realise that by coming out with so much homo-angst, they reveal something of an underlying reality within their societies? That is... with your women covered up from childhood and kept out of the way in adulthood... a boy's going to do what a boy's going to do. Don't go blaming the foreigners - it's your guys chasing us down the street! Well that's how it was for me in Egypt anyway (but that's a story for another day).
I wonder - is there room for human nature (of any orientation) inside these crazy Gulf states?
They don't seem to like women much.
Gays - a big no no.
Children? Well I guess kids are ok so long as they are boys but not gay boys. So around 60% of the population are cursed and doomed... and the other 40% miserable and straight...
As for animals - well they're just dirty.
What a miserable and (dare I say) perverted view of the world.

I better put the plans on hold... no new Bullring club opening in Dubai next Spring!

For more rational reporting....
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