Sunday, 17 November 2013

Gigantic Huge Meat

Lius Higueras by MassiveDick
See more at the Massive Huge Meat Blogspot.


  1. Oh yikes, someone has been Photoshopping! ;)

  2. I hope so! Very difficult to haul all that meat around the supermarket Bock. (On second thoughts - you could maybe put it in the trolley?!)

  3. Ugh yes, he would have a terrible backache, much like women with humongous boob, so the trolley would definitely spare him some pain!

    But can you imagine how difficult it would be for the man to get a decent pair of trousers...? ;)

  4. I like your concern about his back ache -so thoughtful Bock. And his clothing…
    looking after a guy like that could be a full time job! Not a bad job… just all consuming! ;))