Friday, 31 May 2013

Jotto - Master of The Universe.

by Jotto

by Jotto
by Jotto

by Jotto
A Sci-fi nightmare senario  - held, hung, pinned, and pumped...  Jotto's men really have it rough! They're tough men - up against the odds, and that's just the way we like our gay heroes - taking it like a man! ... and then there's always that mad looking, needle wielding, scientist lurking in the background - he needs sorting out for sure! It's gay sic-fi at its sexy best. Beam me up Jotto!

See more of Jotto's work at the superb 'The House of Telemachus' website - the link is in the sidebar
(under.. er... 'Links').

Southern Comfort.

With thanks to Porncake

Ultimate Ulf.

Sarge's Bois - by Ulf Raynor

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bullring Bullstuds May 2013.

Magnus Lexico
Sami Attis
Jacoby Foxtrot
Thom Nexen

Brubro Beaumont
Jak Cox
Mark Carey

Mark Carey

Shorts Story.

Yep - another fine package hugging product for mesh men, with thanks to Stan Cox.

Ultimate Ulf.

Warm Him Up For Me - by Ulf Raynor

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Leatherman Central.

With thanks to Gay Fotos Group Blogger

Cafe Spike.

If you need a place to hang out, take in the breeze and gather your thoughts in the morning, you could do worse than the cafe at The Spike. You never know who might drop by - and if you get time you can follow up with a bit of retail therapy at the Cox Mainstore next door.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More Sexy Kazuo.

The Sun rises in the east.

University of Life.

Super slick. Check out more body hugging outfits at 'About Zentai, Spandex, Rubber, Leather and more' blog, link below.

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Hog And The Hogtied.

Kazuo and Hog's big adventure
It's great when you have the pleasure of meeting a true original in Second Life, and the Hog was good enough to draw my attention to Kazuo - a fine figure of traditional Japanese style, and bound head to toe in finely detailed scripted bondage ropes. Beautiful work. Woof!

Aurelio Monge.

Beautifully sculpted fine art photography from Spanish artist Aurelio Monge. More at his website - linked below.