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The hitcher.

With thanks to Porncake Blogspot
Er… yes, I think I'm going your way!

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Man time.

He's got more fur than a cave full of grizzly bears, and the hottest muscle ass in Second Life. On the eve of the launch of his third album - Cornelius Rose took a little time out with me.
This man looks good, feels good, and I reckon sounds good too. Grrrrrrr.

Man's best friend.

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Bullring Bullstuds - November 2013 (part 2)

Ilan Ellisson

Ilan Ellisson

Nicolai Riler

Nicolai Riler

Ulysse Ampan

Zaq Voir

Lars Farshore

Nicolai Riler

Ups n' downs.

It's going to be a pivotal week for me in RL - so wish me luck! It's weird how issues that have been running in parallel for several years now, all seem to be colliding and with luck concluding this coming week. I'm a big believer in seven years good- seven years bad. Whatever happens this week, I'm looking forward to seven good years to come (let's hope!).
One great thing over the past  seven years though has been my Second Life, lot's of additional life lessons to be found there. I'm looking forward to learning a whole lot more ;)

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Bullring Bullstuds - November 2013 (Part 1)

Markito Voom
Mortiqui Neox Whitefang
Drummer Skytower
Niels Van Nuit
Jon Lyne
Ry Tyler
Vega Idesma

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Gigantic Huge Meat

Lius Higueras by MassiveDick
See more at the Massive Huge Meat Blogspot.

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Real life n' hot.

Yeeehaaw! It's bonfire night!

It may be a UK thing, and it dates back long before the days of Guy Fawkes.
It's that pagan festival that recognises the inevitable slide into the dark and dangerous winter.
Get your scarf on, and head out into the cold night air with a box of fireworks - by 8:00 in the evening this place sounds like a war-zone!