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Bullring Bullstuds - February 2014.


The Hog
Ted Edman

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Life's a beach - a hot beach!

With thanks to Porncake 2 Blogspot

I got to get out more!

Ok, I like my skybox in SL, but I think I might just have been spending a little bit too much time home alone. So any suggestions for great party nights, or venues to hang out with the guys are very welcome. I'm not saying I'm flat-lining in a singular SL groove, but you know how it gets from time to time - jut treading the same old, age-old paths. So, with 2014 now well under way, it's time to re-energise a little. See you out and about somewhere new soon.

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Bullring Bullstuds Febuary 2014 (Part 1).

Allan Teromaximus
Allan Teromaximus
Jon Lyne
Sastan JR

Sastan JR
Ace Breitman

Ace Breitman

Ace Breitman

Ultimate Ulf.

Wanna Ride My Pony by Ulf Raynor

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