Thursday, 9 April 2015

Now the fun begins.

                                               White tank top by Mini Jigsaw. Tattoo by NAS.
                                                        Union Flag tank top by RGDW.
Stars and Stripes Flag tank top by RGDW

I'm finally finding my way around the new products arriving on the scene for the Niramyth Aesthetic avatar, and luckily the fine RGDW, an old favourite for sexy high quality textures and styles, have hit the floor running with a great range of tank tops including the two shown above. Also there are now quite a few tattoos hitting the SL Marketplace - including this sleeve by NAS. 
Needless to say, a nice fresh (and high quality) look comes in the form of a simple range of polos, tanks and t-shirts from Mini Jigsaw.
Now I just need some jeans - I'm determined to take a little time on this one (denim textures are often a bit of a disappointment) - fingers crossed RGDW will come to the rescue soon.

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