Sunday, 23 August 2015

Spa Time

It's a perk of the job that I'd almost forgotten, but as I was setting out new N4RS equipment at The Bullring clubs the other day, I was very quickly reminded of the hunky types who often drop by to say 'hello', and in turn, was reminded of the very reason I built the clubs in the first place - which was to create meeting places for the men of SL.
So last night, at the end of a long hard days work shifting furniture and gym equipment, it was a real pleasure to meet the handsome NedSpa - appropriately named, in the er... spa at Cape Horn!

I quickly placed the excellent N4RS massage table into position, and without too much difficulty I managed to invite him for a deep, unhurried muscle by muscle, therapeutic session. I can only report that, not only was Ned a fine figure of a man, he was very obliging - and a timely reminder of the great people who inhabit gay Second Life. Thanks for dropping by NedSpa - hope to see you there agin sometime soon.